Papal Preparations: 16th September

16 Sep

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With only a couple of days left to go until the Pope’s mass in Cofton Park, more structures are appearing, pathways are being laid, refreshment vehicles have moved in (Donuts! No-one told me there’d be donuts!), queue directing barriers are being erected, communications, sound & visual systems are in place, and an inordinate amount of portaloos are on site!

The stage looks like it needs work and there was a glow up Lickey Road when I passed earlier, so maybe they’re working over time up there!

Incidentally, while viewing the site from Cofton Hill, Lickey Hills I chatted to three St John’s Ambulance men who said that they’d be providing first aiders there as, according to police, they’re expecting at least 5 thousand people to try and view the mass from up there! The stage isn’t even visible from there, so it will be interesting to see how many people do make their way up the Lickeys.

I spoke to one Groveley Lane resident who was walking and peeking through the fence with her two small children and she welcomed the Papal visit, saying she felt it was “an honour” he would be visiting Cofton park. She was, however, a bit concerned that the noise of pilgrims queuing to enter the site might keep her toddler awake all Saturday night!


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