Bostin Heroes Champion Local Dialect

17 Sep

Bostin Heroes. Click for larger image

The Bostin Heroes comic strip has been used as an example of English dialect in a new English language text book for college students. The graphic novel is produced by Rubery IT and Business Consultant Donato Esposito, in partnership with writer Matthew Craig and illustrator Jack Davies.

“The Bostin Heroes graphic novel , which is set in the West Midlands and features four super heroes who say such familiar phrases as “owamya”, was picked up by two academics when they were researching their book” writes Jayne Howarth in The Birmingham Press.

Professor of literary linguistics, Professor Peter Stockwell and associate professor of sociolinguistics Louise Mullany from the University of Nottingham used the comic strip in the textbook Introducing English Language: A Resource Book For Students (Routledge)
Donato, who runs The Bostin Group, tells Jayne Howarth, “I’ve always been a fan of graphic novels and superheroes and wanted one that was set in the West Midlands… I was approached about using an extract in the text book. I was absolutely amazed, but am proud to think that our story has been used to illustrate the Black Country dialect.”
Bostin Heroes can be found at and will be at the British International Comics Show 2010 at Thinktank (Oct16th-17th) with a new printed version available for sale.

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